Sign Advantage offers static billboard advertising

Sign Advantage’s massive static billboards are Lloydminster’s most visually dominant outdoor advertising displays situated at key locations.

On Highway 16 East facing west-bound traffic.

  • 1km East of Lloydminster.
Billboard locations

On Highway 16 West facing both east-bound & west-bound traffic.

  • 500m West of Lloydminster.
Billboard locations
  • 9km West of Lloydminster.
Billboard locations
  • 25km West of Lloydminster (across from Kitscoty)
Billboard locations

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising with Billboards

  • High Conversion Rate:
    It has been recorded that during a typical week over half of the typical purchase decisions are most frequently made out of the home.

  • High Value at a Low Investment:
    With Sign Advantage’s low average investment of less than .01 cents per ad view, the average cost per thousand impressions is a fraction of a cent. This tremendously low cost per impression means more impact for your message at a more reasonable investment.

  • Media Mix:
    OOH advertising campaigns can be combined with any other advertising medium. Statistically, OOH advertising campaigns are the highest impact, but they are also important in increasing the overall reach and frequency of a campaign.

  • Brand Awareness:
    Sign Advantage’s turnkey creative service offers you the opportunity to reach a captive audience with a unique, exclusive, and uncluttered message. From concept to print posting, Sign Advantage is there every step of the way.

  • High Traffic Locations:
    Morning, noon, and night – location is key! Sign Advantage’s large 10′ x 20′ and 10′ x 40′ static billboards are always on display. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. A general rule of advertising is the average consumer sees an advertisement a minimum of 10 times before taking a call to action. Sign Advantage’s prime location enables a marketing message that will be viewed multiple times and has the ability to reach the entire region.

  • Unlike No Other:
    Unlike radio or television advertisements, your campaign becomes a part of the environment. With any other medium, the audience can change the channel or turn a page. Whether you are targeting the daily drive, Trans-Canada traffic, or the general population, people are on the move to be captured by Sign Advantage’s powerful, eye-catching visual displays.


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