Grab attention with high-impact Digital Billboard Outdoor Advertising

Sign Advantage’s massive, high-resolution digital billboard is Lloydminster’s most visually dominant outdoor advertising display, situated at a key location – Highway 16 (Trans-Canada Hwy.) and 62nd Avenue (College Drive).

  • Over 63,319 people viewing impressions within a 24 hour period (estimated)

  • East and west exposure on prime Yellowhead (Highway 16) location

  • Over 6,900 ads per week

Digital billboard locations
WEEKLY: $399 / week 5.8 cents / ad
1 MONTH: $1,200 / month 4.3 cents / ad
3 MONTHS: $1,050.00 / month 3.8 cents / ad
12 MONTHS: $900.00 / month 3.3 cents / ad
  • 16mm pixel high resolution screens

  • 288 square feet digital LED screens
  • Self brightening and dimming screens for optimal color and clarity
  • Screen monitoring 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  • 1x creative production included / 4 weeks
  • Static or video ads
  • 7 second spot / 175 second loop / screen

Benefits of OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising

  • High Conversion Rate:
    Reports indicate that over the course of a week, over half of an individual’s purchasing decisions are most frequently made outside of the home.

  • High Value at a Low Investment:
    With Sign Advantage’s low average investment of less than .03 – .06 cents per advertisement, the average cost per thousand (CPM) impressions is a fraction of a cent. Advertisers easily can see the value in OH advertising – affordability at a considerably low cost per impression.

  • Media Mix:
    OOH advertising campaigns can be combined with any other advertising medium. Statistically, OOH advertising campaigns make highest impact; increasing the reach and frequency of the overall campaign.

  • Brand Awareness:
    Sign Advantage’s turn-key creative service offers you the opportunity to reach a captive audience with a unique, exclusive, and uncluttered message. From initial concept to completion, Sign Advantage is there every step of the way.

  • High Traffic Locations:
    Morning, noon, and night – location is key! Sign Advantage’s large 12’x 24′ digital billboard is always on (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). A general rule of advertising is the average consumer sees an advertisement a minimum of 10 times before taking a call to action. Sign Advantage’s prime location enables a marketing message to be viewed multiple times with the ability to reach the entire region.

  • Unlike No Other:
    OOH digital signage is unique from radio or television advertisements as a campaign becomes a part of any environment and unlike those other media types, the audience can’t change the channel or turn the page. So whether you are targeting the daily drive (i.e  Trans-Canada traffic) or the general population, people are on the move to be captured by Sign Advantage’s powerful, eye-catching visual displays.

Take a peak at some ads that have appeared on our digital billbaord